Thursday, May 28, 2020

Brush cutter: From Right selection to maintenance

Whether you are a house gardener or a professional who loves gardening and landscaping, getting the right tools for your needs is quite challenging. Brush cutters are perfect tools for lawn cutting and trimming of shrubs and weeds. These are widely used for trimming dense bushes grown in vegetable farm section. In technology oriented world buyer have many options available to them from store to online shopping where they can purchase and exchange back the agricultural tools if there is some issue with compatibility. In this blog we had tried to discuss some tips about how to get the right brush cutter for your agricultural needs.
To start with Brush cutters come in three variants:
1)      Handheld Brush Cutter- More powerful engine than string cutter and used for thick grass, weeds, dense bushes.
2)      Walk-behind Brush Cutter- These cutters are perfect for areas of overgrown vegetation. It can be helpful for trimming and cutting in area that requires less maintenance.

3)      Tow-behind brush Cutter- Used in big field of cultivation and can be used with attaching to garden tractor. Used for cutting thicker bushes and weeds.
Main accessory of brush cutter is brush cutting blades which come in different variety as per requirement and capacity.
·                     Brush cutter with 8 or lesser blades- used for small grass patches or weeds
·                     Brush cutter with 9-40  teeth or blades- Used for thick weeds and shrubs
·                     Brush Cutter with more than 40 teeth- Used for small trees and saplings
·                     Brush cutter with knives or tri blades- used for dense shrubs and reeds

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Maintenance of Brush cutter

Proper maintenance at right time interval and process is essential for maintaining any equipment. Some specific tips for maintenance are:
v  Use the right fuel for your cutter
v  Check the mowing head and line feed. Don’t use damaged parts or blades of cutter.
v  Clean your brush Cutter regularly. It should be properly mounted to the deflector.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Lengthen the life of Agricultural Sprayer by proper maintenance

Agriculture is backbone of our country and it is somehow dependent on equipments used in modern farming. Power Sprayers also contribute a major role in this field. So in this blog we had tried to write about some maintenance tips for long life of agricultural sprayers.
It’s an old saying, keep your tools like a child means with more care and pamper, they will yield better. Here is basic guide for maintaining sprayer before and after use. It is important to check them daily, monthly and periodically.

Inspection Before initial Use:
·         Check hoses, connections and fittings
·         Check filters with unscrewing parts
·         Check any leakage or damage inside the tank
·         If you are using battery operated sprayer check the adaptability.

Daily Inspection of Sprayer Pump:
After and before of your sprayer use, it is required to inspect to avoid unnecessary breakdown. Before the use check hose & fittings, clean filters. After the use Clean inside of the tank, flush out all the waste with clean water.

Monthly maintenance
Monthly inspection is neseccary as every part is not used at daily basis or some parts are required on long interval. In this case oiling and maintaining them is more required.
Check Filters:
After a month of spraying, you may have to change or thoroughly clean the filters on your sprayer. This can be done by removing them and spraying them with a pressure washer.
Nozzle testing:
Replace the nozzles if they are corroded or non-performing. Best way to check nozzles is its pressure capacity of spraying liquid.

Season wise maintenance
Getting your sprayer ready for winter will eliminate damage when you use it the following spring. Making sure your sprayer is ready to go the next spraying season will save you a lot of time. Preparing your sprayer for winter season can be completed in 4 simple steps:
  1. Drain the power sprayer
  2. Blow out the plumbing lines
  3. Flush with anti-freeze
  4. Store/keep the sprayer correctly

Preparing your sprayer for spring season can be completed in 6 simple steps:
  1. Visual inspection
  2. Clean the tank
  3. Check engine and pump
  4. Clean nozzles
  5. Run water through sprayer
  6. Test sprayer
This blog can be very helpful to maintain and upgrade your sprayer’s performance and life. We at Chandak Agro Equipments offer nice deals in equipments and try to suggest our customers with good tips to prevent them for unnecessary expenses. We are trusted dealer in segment of Agricultural sprayers, car washers and brush cutters.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Pesticide Application techniques

Agricultural sprayers have been brought into the Indain cultivating frameworks, together with the pesticides to be applied, since the time they were utilized in the industrialized nations. For all intents and purposes every single distinctive system accessible has, at a given point in time, been presented pretty much effectively. Of the three significant gatherings of sprayer equipments, for example versatile, tractor mounted and plane mounted, just the portability is utilized on a noteworthy scale in different countries.
From the 25 surveys that were restored, the accompanying utilization of sprayer was recognized. Since respondents revealed different assortments of a similar kind of hardware more than once, the complete can mean more than 25.

·         Knapsackspower sprayer
There are two significant sorts of Knapsacks power sprayer:

§  Switch worked knapsack sprayers
These are the most broadly utilized little scope sprayers in creating nations. Through a hand-worked siphon and a spout/spouts, they produce a wide range bead size range and use around 200 l/ha.

§  Pressure sprayers
With these sprayers the entire of the holder that contains the splashing fluid is pressurized. Sizes go from under 5 liters (in which case they are hand-conveyed) to more than 10 liters.
In for all intents and purposes all cases this was accounted for as the most significant application system. The underarm switch worked type is generally mainstream yet shoulder siphon sprayers and pressure or pneumatic sprayers were likewise referenced. Backpack sprayers are utilized to apply any sort of pesticide (for example generally bug sprays, trailed by fungicides and herbicides). Water volumes extend from 100 to 400 l/ha. In all likelihood in view of the costs in question, a sprayer is all the more regularly utilized on money yields, for example, cocoa, maize and cotton, and furthermore on garden crops and to a lesser degree on the staple nourishment crops.

·         Battery operated Sprayer
Battery opearted sprayers utilize a plastic pivoting circle, fueled by batteries, to scatter the splashing fluid into exceptionally little beads. Application volumes can be as low as 3 liters for every ha which is a significant preferred position in instances of water shortage and furthermore their relative basic system and usability have added to the across the board utilization of turning plate sprayers. Float of the shower cloud and all out reliance on air development for dispersion of the splash cloud is an inconvenience. The grouping of pesticide in the splashing fluid can be high (up to 100%) which builds the dangers of phytotoxicity and inebriation of the administrator.

Despite the drawbacks, results show that battery operated sprayers are without a doubt second being used after the backpack sprayers and were accounted for multiple times. Bug sprays are the most widely recognized pesticides for a turning circle sprayer, trailed by herbicides. The sprayers are most broadly utilized in cotton, nursery crops and other food crops.

·         Mist blower 
Mist blowers have a place with the gathering of air-bearer sprayers that, as a typical component, give an air stream in which beads are anticipated towards the objective. Mist blowers produce enormous shower mists and are in this manner frequently utilized in tree crops. The showering volume utilized is moderately low; 20l/ha.
Twelve respondents revealed its utilization. Cocoa and citrus are the yields it is utilized in most yet in addition nourishment crops were referenced. Fog blowers are commonly utilized for bug sprays.

·         Others
On a less critical scale there is the utilization of different strategies, for example, sprayers mounted on tractors or different vehicles in mechanical yields, rice, cotton and cowpea, various methods for applying powders (for example a plastic container with gaps (for post reap), a hand worked duster and plastic sacks containing insecticides), the utilization of a misting machine and of post collect application by sprinkling pesticides by hand.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Trending Agriculture technology in modern farming

Development is more significant in present day farming than any other time in recent memory. The business all in all is confronting enormous difficulties, from increasing expenses of provisions, a lack of work, and changes in customer inclinations for straightforwardness and manageability. There is expanding acknowledgment from agribusiness organizations that arrangements are required for these difficulties. Significant innovation developments in the space have centered on zones, for example, indoor vertical cultivating, computerization and mechanical autonomy, domesticated animals innovation, present day nursery rehearses, accuracy horticulture and man-made reasoning, and blockchain. Beyond all this one more obstacle in good farming is protecting farms from pest and insects. For this choice of right agricultural sprayer is very important.

Indoor vertical Farming
Indoor vertical cultivating can enhance crop yields, defeat constrained land territory, and even decrease cultivating's effect on the earth by chopping down separation went in the inventory network. Indoor vertical cultivating can be characterized as the act of developing produce stacked one over another in a shut and controlled condition. By utilizing developing racks mounted vertically, it essentially diminishes the measure of land space expected to develop plants contrasted with conventional cultivating techniques. This sort of developing is regularly connected with city and urban cultivating on account of its capacity to flourish in constrained space. Vertical homesteads are one of a kind in that a few arrangements don't require soil for plants to develop. Most are either hydroponic, where vegetables are developed in a supplement thick bowl of water, or aerologic, where the plant roots are efficiently splashed with water and supplements. In lieu of normal daylight, fake develop lights are utilized.
From reasonable urban development to boosting crop yield with decreased work costs, the benefits of indoor vertical cultivating are clear. Vertical cultivating can control factors, for example, light, moistness, and water to exactly gauge all year, expanding nourishment generation with dependable harvests. The decreased water and vitality use enhances vitality protection - vertical ranches utilize around 70% less water than conventional homesteads. Work is likewise significantly diminished by utilizing robots to deal with gathering, planting, and coordination’s, unraveling the test ranches face from the present work deficiency in the horticulture business.

Spray Pump

Modern Greenhouses
These days, in enormous part because of the gigantic ongoing enhancements in developing innovation, the industry is seeing a blooming like no time previously. Nurseries today are progressively developing that are enormous scale, capital-implanted, and urban-focused.
As the market has developed significantly, it has likewise experienced clear patterns as of late. Current nurseries are turning out to be progressively tech-substantial, utilizing LED lights and computerized control frameworks to flawlessly tailor the developing condition. Effective nursery organizations are scaling essentially and found their developing offices close to urban centers to benefit from the regularly expanding interest for neighborhood nourishment, regardless of the period. To achieve these accomplishments, the nursery business is additionally turning out to be progressively capital-injected, utilizing adventure subsidizing and different sources to work out the foundation important to contend in the present market.

Farm Automation
Ranch computerization, regularly connected with "shrewd cultivating", is innovation that makes cultivates progressively proficient and robotizes the yield or domesticated animal’s creation cycle. An expanding number of organizations are chipping away at apply autonomy advancement to create rambles, self-ruling tractors, mechanical gatherers, programmed watering, battery operated power sprayer and seeding robots. In spite of the fact that these advancements are genuinely new, the industry has seen an expanding number of customary horticulture organizations embrace ranch computerization into their procedures.
New progressions in advancements extending from mechanical technology and automatons to PC vision programming have totally changed current horticulture. The essential objective of homestead mechanization innovation is to cover simpler, ordinary errands. Some significant advancement that are most generally being used by ranches include: reap mechanization, self-governing tractors, seeding and weeding, and rambles. Ranch robotization innovation tends to significant issues like a rising worldwide populace, ranch work deficiencies, and changing shopper inclinations. The advantages of mechanizing conventional cultivating forms are fantastic by handling issues from buyer inclinations, work deficiencies, and the ecological impression of cultivating.

Battery Operated Sprayer

Thursday, December 12, 2019

How to select correct Spray Pump

It is very important to understand the pumps availability and their operation specifications along with fluid to material compatibility. Agricultural sprayers are pumps designed to push or pull liquefied tank contents out to spray nozzle at certain flow rates and pressure measurement.
Now the basic question is what is the need of use of sprayers pump? The answer is simple as these are widely used as field sprayers, herbicide and weed killer application, roadway maintenance, high pressure and target spot spraying and many more uses in production spraying.
In today’s agricultural industry many variants of sprayer pumps are available that are engineered with application versatility and power drive options. Some common types are: centrifugal, roller, transfer, piston and irrigation-injection. These sprayers have following differential specifications:

·         Sizing and installation dimensions
·         Pressure pump
·         Manufacturing material
·         Power drive options
·         Mounting and rotation option

Here in this blog we are going to brief you considering points at time of selection of correct spray pump:
1)      You must well aware of pump’s overall intended use as where it is going to be used as power sprayer fertilizer application, water deliver and herbicide irrigation.
2)      Must consider specific pump needs as pressure required for vertical, Horizontal clearance; capacity of pump for de-watering and transfer.
3)      Pump’s orientation, installation and overall GPM
4)    Compatibility of pump material with chemicals, fertilizers, powders and granules.
5)      The weather conditions in your area
6)      The size of the area to be sprayed
7)   The time estimate and money desired to spent, always try to invest in the best quality and better efficiency for the target job.
If you ensure proper care of your equipments properly then definitely it will yield dividends for many years to come. You can find a wide collection of the best brands equipments at that make life in field full of joy.

Spray Pump

Most common Types of sprayers are:
Backpack Sprayers- Mostly common variety is knapsack power sprayer is used for small repeated chemical control and pest maintenance. These are operated independently and with high mobility.
Spot Sprayers- Used for great perimeters and structure applications.
Boom Sprayers- These are used in food plots, roadways and smaller farms.
Boomless Sprayers- Mostly used on tall grass, high tree density, and bulk weed elimination, fire control and fence lines.
Mist Sprayers- commonly used for fruit applications, orchards and vineyards and flying insect control

Friday, November 29, 2019

Agricultural Machinery and their Maintenance

Agricultural machinery is machinery that is used in different types of farming techniques. Diversified array of tools are used in both organic and non-organic farming. With technology driven machinery, these machinery are indispensable part of the agriculture world. Farming methods had taken a great leap with industrial revolution and invention of modern equipment's. Traditional machinery had been replaced with modern equipment's as for example hand sprayers are replaced with power sprayer.

power sprayer

Main motive of this revolution is guaranteeing the safety of operations and availability of related equipment. It also deprives major cost for agricultural operations. Everything is related to speed and fast result that demands timely maintenance and up gradation of equipment's like agricultural sprayer. So farmers should focus on condition based maintenance techniques and preventive methods to suffer from least expenses.
Many types of farming machines are either diesel based or battery operated. Some of them are Tillage tools like mini tiller that prepare the soil for planting by loosening the soil and killing the weeds or small plants. Next is planter that is used to seeding. Transplanters transplant the seedling automatically. For pesticides and herbicides spraying battery operated sprayer are used to a great extent.
Maintenance influences almost all aspects of farm work, be it in the state of operation of machines and equipment. Farmers square measure usually perform heaps of maintenance work by themselves. This applies to routine maintenance like general repair work as well as day-to-day maintenance. Financial pressures lead to a situation in which farmers choose the do-it-yourself approach instead of paying a specialist contractor. This increases the risk of accidents because, on the one hand, the farmer may not have competences in maintenance and on the other, machines and vehicles in agriculture are becoming a lot of and a lot of subtle, so requiring qualification in maintenance and repair.

Agriculture Sprayer

Day to day maintenance includes oil and filter changes, battery charging and replacement which keep machinery, vehicles and equipment on farm safe. It includes other tasks as: 
Sharpening of machines’ cutting blades
Clearing blockages
Lubrication of parts
Operations with compressed tyres
Maintenance of hydraulic systems

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tips for Selecting and Maintaining Agricultural Power Sprayers

Unwanted weed and woody small plants grow in agricultural land and prohibit wholesome growth of crops. To control these different types of Agricultural Sprayers are used which are important tools for invasive plant management. There are many different types and models of backpack sprayers available in the market as well as online, and buying one that suits your crop needs is very important.
In this blog, we had tried to summarize some key points before purchasing power sprayer and maintenance tips, our tips are very practical and based upon our customers reviews about these products.
Points to consider while selection of Agricultural sprayer-
1.      Motive of use: Focus at primary use of your backpack sprayer. Select sprayers with sprayer seals, hoses and pumps resistant to oil based carriers. Check its durability with multiple applicators.

Agricultural sprayer

1.      Manual or Battery Operated Sprayer-Manual sprayers are recommended for treating new infestations. Choose such backpack sprayer that allows an applicator to switch the handle for both right and left hand operation. A battery operated sprayer is more easy to use if you are treating large areas since it doesn’t require manually pumping to maintain pressure. It requires timely maintenance. Purchase sprayers at which are able to handle both low and high sprayer psi output and work for a minimum of 3 to 5 hours without recharging.

Battery Operated Sprayer

1.      Type of pump- If you are using dry-flowable or other dry herbicide formulations, the spray pump may wear out more quickly and need replacement. Most sprayers are available with either a piston or diaphragm pump. The piston type pump is less expensive than diaphragm pumps, but it is not suitable for all types of herbicides.

Power Sprayer