Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Brush Cutter: Important equipment for farming


Brush Cutter is important equipment to maintain and upkeep the lawn or garden. There are many varieties of brush cutter that depends upon complexity and type of area where cutting is required.

1)      Electric brush cutter: It is specially designed for nest grass cut and has very high demand in market. Major benefits of this brush cutter are

·         It saves manpower

·         It is highly efficient

·         You will get reliable cutting performance

·         It is very easy to operate

2)      Paddy Cutter: Paddy cutters are special type designed for cutting various crops as paddy, wheat, lemongrass and sugarcane. It is designed in such a way that crop cutting and collection can go simultaneously. Features of Paddy cutter are:

·         Sharpness

·         Durable

·         Performance driven

We at Chandak Agro equipment is highly specialized in agricultural equipments like brush cutter, mini tiller and chainsaw. Our products are best in field of gardening, landscaping and weeding.  Features of our agricultural equipments are:

·         Light weight and easy to handle

·         Available in different specifications

·         Durable and reliable that makes our bond with customer strong

In this article we will talk about how to choose the right brush cutter for the work:

As brush cutters are useful for slicing tall grasses to small trees, it let homeowners and professional landscapers to tame properties covered in saplings, tall grass and thick vegetation. Brush cutter comes in three styles:

Handheld Brush Cutter

These are very good for clearing tall grass and saplings from densely occupied spaces. These generally come with various blade attachments to tear small trees and thick vegetation.  Most handheld brush cutters come with a harness and an adjustable ergonomic handlebar to reduce back strain.

Walk Behind Brush Cutter

It is mostly used in thick vegetation over larger areas and it clears several acres in only few hours. The most popular models feature either a single rotary blade beneath the cutting deck (offering fast, rough cuts) or multiple flail knives attached to a single drum (for slower, finer cuts). To enable operation over rough terrain and uneven terrain, walk-behind models include either a limited-slip or a full-slip differential. These machines may be capable of tackling saplings up to 2 inches in diameter, thick brush up to 6 feet tall and grasses and weeds over 8 feet.

Tow Behind Brush Cutter

For quick clearing of large area in few minutes, use Tow behind brush cutter. Unlike traditional mowers, the blades are generally dull but thick, allowing them to make quick work of large brush while withstanding strikes from large rocks, stumps or other debris. Tow-behinds also scale depending on the size of your project, with cutting decks ranging in size from 48 inches to 96 inches.

Some user tips for using Brush Cutter:

>        Use in late fall or early winter

>        At times of reduced vegetation

>        For safety cut only during dry conditions and daylight

>        Use safety glasses, ear protection, boots

>        Keep away pets and kids while landscaping.