Wednesday, October 21, 2020

How to use Car washers for domestic purpose


The self serve car wash is an ideal option for vehicle owners that would like to be in control of handling the cleaning and maintenance or their cars, but you must have access to professional cleaning tools, products, and equipment.

With the holidays and winter season just coming around your to-do list for car maintenance is likely a mile long! With last minute shopping and rushing around to get your home ready for guests, your car may be the last thing that crosses your mind. If you are planning for a winter vacation trip with your car it is very important to take care of your car at utmost priority. Here are just a few ways to prepare your car with best car washers products:

Shine Up With an Interior And Exterior Wash
A lot of people neglect their vehicles in the winter, especially just before the holidays, because they’re too busy or feel like they can’t work anything extra into their holiday budget. When it comes to preparing your car for winter driving, Chandak Agro offers affordable car washers for a full interior and exterior clean. On the inside hand wipe your console and dash, as well as vacuum and clean your windows until they’re streak free. The result is an odor-free interior that you’ll enjoy taking your family shopping in.

Wash and dry your vehicle that will leave your tires and wheels looking great.

Keep Car Engine Temperatures Down When On the Road
Keep defrost and heat on to help warm your vehicle. Over time, your vehicle’s heating system could be compromised because of the fluctuations in temperatures. Having a periodic antifreeze exchange, especially just before you’ll be making a long holiday road trip is vital.

Don’t Grind Your Gears as You Travel
Making sure that the fluids on your vehicle are filled properly is very important for holiday travel. Your transmission is one example. Driving through hilly terrain or on slick roadways means that your car’s transmission is working at its max capacity.

Oil Types

Seasons change and, depending on where you live, so might the oil types your car should use. When the weather turns cold, thicker oil has a harder time flowing through your vehicle’s engine and protecting all the critical parts with lubrication.

How can you tell which oil types are thicker, and which are better for your car in colder weather? That’s where those numbers on the oil bottles like 10W-40 come in. The W symbol is for winter season and checks the viscosity of oil with given number. When the cold weather comes, you want a lower number, meaning thinner oil, which will smoothly coat the insides of your engine even in the most frigid weather. Must consider synthetic blend motor oil for greasing and oiling.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mini Tiller: How it works, types, parts and benefits



A mini tiller is two-wheeled agricultural equipment, fitted with rotary tillers, that is gaining fast recognition in the Indian agricultural industry for its multi-purpose uses. In addition to tilling the soil, power mini tillers can be used for ploughing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, adding fertilizers, spraying fertilizers, herbicides, and watering the plants. It also helps in pumping water, harvesting crops, threshing crops, and transporting crops. All these additional tasks are performed by attaching agricultural devices such as ploughs, seeders, planters, pumps, sprays, harvesters, threshers, and carriers to the power tiller. You can check out our different mini tiller models and their attachable implements on

Versatile use of Mini Power Tiller

Power tillers are useful in small farms as well as large farms. But it is very effective for small land size or rugged land, terrain land where tractor use is very difficult or even dangerous. These mini tillers are proven blesses equipment for Hilly regions farming. Its various uses are:

·         To till rice small farms even in hilly regions and water flooded regions.

·         These are very light weight, so easy and compact to use in terrains.

·         It till only upto required depth, and make the soil soft and loose.


Classification of Power Tillers

Power tillers are available in three different sizes –

  • These lightweight implements are very good for small cultivation area as fruits and vegetable farms.The soil of small farms is relatively loose and does not require powerful tilling, and the crops are planted in narrow rows that need to be manoeuvred through without destroying them. These are very economical and comes in budget for small farmers.
  • Medium-size Power Tiller
    These power tillers are suitable for farms where the soil is harder and rockier. These tillers are propelled forward by the spinning tines.
  • Large-size Power Tiller
    These power tillers are suitable for more extensive farm lands where there is sufficient space to manoeuvre the tiller as required. These tillers are propelled forward by the wheels and the spinning tines are positioned between the wheels.

Farmers must select the right power tiller as per type of soil, size of farm and size of crop.


Working Functionality of Power Tillers

Tillers break the soil into smaller pieces which improves the soil aeration & prevents weeds to grow.

The operation of a power tiller involves walking behind the machine on a tilled or puddle land continuously for hours. During peak seasons of seedbed preparation, farmers operate

power tillers even for more than 8h a day. The operator has to guide/control  the  forward  movement  of  the  machine  by actuating hand clutches provided on each handle or sometimes by  pushing/pulling  the  handles  towards sides.  The operator sometimes lifts the rear portion of the machine to take sharp turns at the headlands.  The main clutch is a lever on the handle. The lever can be shifted to on or off position while operating in the field. When the lever is shifted to on position, the power from the engine is transmitted through the main clutch to the various parts of the power tiller. When the lever is shifted to off position the power from the engine is cut-off from the rest of the transmission.


Benefits of Mini Tiller

·         These are less expensive than tractors which make it affordable to buy.

·         It requires less space for storage.

·         Consume lower amount of fuel and hence less pollution.

·         It bears low maintenance costs. If maintained timely, it remains in good condition for longer period.

·         Useful in regions where labour shortage prevails.

·         Beneficial in flat lands, hilly terraces, water submerged fields, and dry fields.