Thursday, June 9, 2022


Car Washer Equipment is used to clean the inner & outer surfaces of an automobile. There are two types of equipment used for cleaning automobiles, one is used to clean the interior surface, and another is used for the exterior surface. Whereas the interior surface to clean with a steam cleaner and carpet cleaner, the exterior surface requires high-pressure DomesticWashers. All the equipment used to clean the two-wheeler or four-wheeler automobiles at a quicker pace easily.

The dirt gets collected fast on windshields and windows, and this is the reason, the car parts get cleaned regularly. Now, the old mop and soap method is not effective. If you want sparkling clean windows, use Domestic Washers to remove dust, pollution, bugs, water stains, mud, paint, mold, grime, etc., from cars.

The car windows are cleaned by two machines used for your small or big car. One is the steam vapor machine that uses dry vapor to soften grime including light grease buildup, whereas the second is a high-pressure machine that removes carbonized dirt that the steam vapor system cannot do. These machines are specially designed for auto detailing & increase efficiency.

Car cleaning equipment should be efficient and portable if you buy them for mobile car washes. They should offer many advanced features aimed at reducing costs and raising productivity. Washing cars with a high-pressure Car Washer also increases the car wash quality with less water used resulting in more cars washed per day.

However, as your cars travel miles of roads in all kinds of weather, they pick up a lot of regimes full of flattened bugs to a layer of dust on the windshields. When you fail to remove the grunge from your business vehicle, it provides the wrong message o the prospective customers. So, choose the best car washer equipment suited to remove the dirt off your car and bring out the new shiny look as previous.

Here are some advantages of choosing Domestic Car Washer equipment:

Time-saving: On average, it takes 10 minutes to clean your car at low pressure. Heavy automobile cleaning may take double the time, but if you know how to use the machine, it's cannot take more than an hour to clean your car.

Cost-effective: Use less water with a pressure washer, and if looked after properly, it will last 5 to 10 years.

Clean tough stains: High-pressure Car Washer comes with different settings to handle light/medium/heavy-duty tasks. Tough stains like grime, oil, or grease with a high-pressure washer can blast off your car and fall in the line of a heavy-duty job. This equipment comes with various accessories like chemical injectors, rotating nozzles, sandblasting nozzles, etc., which makes it easy for you to remove tough stains, paint, cement, or any other dust.

Less Wear-and-Tear on Vehicles: No matter how smoothly you scrub with your hands, it must cause small scratches after the finishing process of your vehicle. So, always use high pressure-water power equipment which keeps your finish looking newer for a long time.

Less waste water: When you wash on-site vehicles, all the water is absorbed in the ground with any cleaning machine you have used. It can contaminate soil and groundwater supplies. Also, the Domestic Washers machine reclaims their wastewater, cleaning and reusing it for maximum efficiency.

Energy-efficient: Car washing involves the latest methods or techniques that use less water and electricity to clean a car. It also saves time and allows owners or car professionals to cut costs.

Customized process: Since the washing method utilizes machines, we can provide information on which process to run. This way, we can combine many care methods in one operation and customize the washing process according to the customer's needs or requirements.

A Perfect process: A process of washing your car with the best Car Washer equipment is thorough and close to perfect. The machines rarely make an error or do not skip any steps fed into the device program.

Vital Reasons You Should Wash your Car Regularly

·         Improving the value

·         Improving the condition

·         Brings a clean look

·         Avoiding damage

·         Improving safety

Without a doubt, the car detailing business is very profitable nowadays. Many people are launching their car wash shops, and car cleaning equipment is necessary for this business. Those who plan to launch this type of business can acquire the power of high-pressure Domestic Washers specially designed for two-wheeler or four-wheelers by using advanced technology to keep them working comfortably for a longer time. Buying a machine with self-cleaning capabilities is vital.

With all that is available in the market, it is best to speak to the specialist of the top technology and quality products in the high-pressure washer industry to ensure that you get the right equipment to clean the car.

Do not hesitate to call Chandak Agro Equipments offering high-quality car washers at the best market rates that are convenient, safe, and easily portable used for your car.