Sunday, February 21, 2021

Buy Genuine Power Sprayer at Affordable Price


Power Sprayer:

Power Sprayer is one of the critical tools needed for crop & vegetables production. Nuisance ailment affects veggies plants & crops and you need to secure them. You can do this by putting chemicals with the help of a sprayer. It is typically used on farms to spray pesticides and chemicals, fungicides, herbicides, and defoliants as a means of crop quality control including vegetables, flowering, fruits, tea, coffee plantation and many more.

Merits of Power Sprayer:-

·         Enhance Spray Efficiency,

·         Improve Spray Impact,

·         Lessen Economic Costs,

·         Excellent Safety And Less Harm To The Environments,

·         Decrease VOC Emissions,

·         Increase Production Speeds etc.

If you are searching for a trustworthy agriculture machine and tools service provider in India, you will hardly get a better choice than Chandak Agro Equipments. Inaugurated in 2002, we are the leading company in India that has decades of working experience in the agriculture machine and tooling industry and specializes in offering the innovative technology and top quality products to every customer at the most reasonable prices. We manufacture our products using the latest technology machines such as a diverse range of CNC Center, robots, high-speed precision machine center, turning center and in between much more for all processing includes welding, punching, assembling, painting, testing, inspection and verification during product fabricating and life-cycle testing. With the highest quality management, the company has gained ISO 9001-2005 certification.

Chandak Agro Equipments is a professional agriculture machine and tool services business you can trust. We offer decades of experience, industry expertise and we stock all the hard-to-find parts and models for your power sprayer equipment needs. We sell a plenty of products online such as Battery sprayer, Power sprayer, spray Hose, chainsaw, welding machine, Hammer, Nozzles, Brush Cutter, spray guns, knapsack power sprayer, Filter, Mini Tiller & other accessories. We have numerous famous brands in its category such as Lancer, Pilot, Hummer, Lister, Zetor, and rest of two Victor & Veto is our most popular & prestigious brand.

If you are facing difficulty to find top-quality power sprayer with different models, you have come to the right place. At Chandak Agro Equipments, you can buy every model no. of power sprayer under one roof at the most competitive prices. Our power sprayer is helpful in Agriculture, Horticulture, Garden Care, Sericulture, Plantation and Landscaping. Take a look at a different model of power sprayer that you can buy from us online.

Power Sprayer (CA-22) - It has S.S Piston, brass parts, steel wire suction hose, heavy crank case, 3 meter suction overflow hose, working pressure upto 40 Bar, and glycerin filled pressure gauge. Power Sprayer (CA-45) – It has Victor Embossed on Crank Case and all features same as power sprayer (CA-22). Power Sprayer (CA-51), Power Sprayer (CAG-45), Power Sprayer (CH-45), Power Sprayer (CS-D55), Power Sprayer (CS-H60), Power Sprayer (CS-J55), Power Sprayer (CS-J80), Power Sprayer (CS-P65), Power Sprayer (CS-R55), Power Sprayer (CS-V120), Power Sprayer (CS-V150), Power Sprayer (CS-V30), Power Sprayer (CS-V55), Power Sprayer (CS-V80), Power Sprayer (LX-330), Power Sprayer (LX-350), Power Sprayer (RK-55) etc.

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