Monday, January 18, 2021

Select brush cutter online for proper garden maintenance


Brushcutter is best suitable agricultural equipment for cutting weeds, clearing grass, small bushes and shrubs. To help small gardeners or medium scale gardening purpose solving, Chandak Agro Equipments have brought the newest range of brush cutters. These are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes and therefore can be used in different parts of gardens and fields. You can enhance look of your garden in one day using these trendy models of brush cutters.


Brush Cutter is a device usually mounted to a vehicle, rod or shaft for cutting/trimming weeds, crops, grass, paddy, woods and other foliage. Brush cutter is a great choice for clearing undergrowth, saplings, dense grass, and weeds. Brush Cutter Machine is an easier, faster and more powerful than a hand-held cutter. This machine is ideal for land , farm , home or garden use, as well as grass cutting service part timer, especially useful for people who owns farm .Our Brush cutters are manufactured for multipurpose use like crop harvesting , Shrub,Grass,Paddy,Rice & Wheat Harvesting ,etc. Because of its higher 50 cc output power, It can easily cut Shrub, Grass, Paddy, Rice & Wheat by just little engine acceleration and also powerful enough to cut off baby trees of around 2 inch commonly found in farm area. Thus making gardeners work hassle free, more efficient and faster.

Leading Brush cutters available online

·         CA-BC31B- A 31CC brush cutter with 4 stroke engine is best with its durability, powerful engine, smooth working, easy operation and low maintenance charges. This victor brush cutter is designed for use under any harsh conditions.

Features of Brush Cutter:

ü  Light weight and powerful brush cutter

ü  Powerful engine with high torque

ü  Anti vibration design for smooth & easy operation

ü  High quality material

ü  Cost efficient

ü  Adjustable shoulder strap


Brush cutters are also available in three variants: Petrol, Electric & Cordless

Petrol Brush cutter is ergonomically designed for a seamless operation. The handle with start button helps you to control and maneouvre the Cutter as per your choice. It comes with powerful 1.25 KW engine. The brush cutter is light in weight and easy to move which gives higher efficiency.

Electric & Cordless Brush cutter serves as professional brush cutter. It is multi functional lithium electric lawn mower with wireless control. It can be used in multiple places fir weeding as villa, yard, community, lawn campus and parks.

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