Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tips for Selecting and Maintaining Agricultural Power Sprayers

Unwanted weed and woody small plants grow in agricultural land and prohibit wholesome growth of crops. To control these different types of Agricultural Sprayers are used which are important tools for invasive plant management. There are many different types and models of backpack sprayers available in the market as well as online, and buying one that suits your crop needs is very important.
In this blog, we had tried to summarize some key points before purchasing power sprayer and maintenance tips, our tips are very practical and based upon our customers reviews about these products.
Points to consider while selection of Agricultural sprayer-
1.      Motive of use: Focus at primary use of your backpack sprayer. Select sprayers with sprayer seals, hoses and pumps resistant to oil based carriers. Check its durability with multiple applicators.

Agricultural sprayer

1.      Manual or Battery Operated Sprayer-Manual sprayers are recommended for treating new infestations. Choose such backpack sprayer that allows an applicator to switch the handle for both right and left hand operation. A battery operated sprayer is more easy to use if you are treating large areas since it doesn’t require manually pumping to maintain pressure. It requires timely maintenance. Purchase sprayers at which are able to handle both low and high sprayer psi output and work for a minimum of 3 to 5 hours without recharging.

Battery Operated Sprayer

1.      Type of pump- If you are using dry-flowable or other dry herbicide formulations, the spray pump may wear out more quickly and need replacement. Most sprayers are available with either a piston or diaphragm pump. The piston type pump is less expensive than diaphragm pumps, but it is not suitable for all types of herbicides.

Power Sprayer

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