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Benefits of using a spray control system

Applying pesticides and other agricultural chemicals (such as fertilizers and growth
regulators) with an electrostatic low-volume spraying system provides the farmers with
several benefits, including increased spray efficiency, increased spray efficacy, lower
economic prices, greater safety and less damage to the environment. Some benefits of
agricultural sprayers are:

Greater spray efficiency: Electrostatic low-volume sprayers (Knapsack Power
Sprayer) use less water and cover more area per hour than conventional dilute
sprayers. This saves time and allows the farmers to treat a large number of farmland

Greater spray efficacy: Electrostatic Power Sprayer actually charge ultra-fine
droplets of spray material with a negative electric charge. The charged spray particles
square measure drawn to the plant and to the target pest. This is a more effective
method than sprays that are applied with a large volume of water but do not cover the
entire plant surface.

Economic savings: Battery Operated Sprayer save time and provide better
coverage, the overall cost per acre is less than with higher volume dilute sprayers. They
use an average of 70% less fuel and 25% less pesticide per acre than non-electrostatic
dilute sprayers, and application costs an average 20% less per acre.

Development of new automated systems for agricultural machinery helps to improve
competitiveness and sustainability in agriculture with a positive impact on the quality of
yields. The main advantage deriving from the assisted driving in a self-propelled
sprayer with a GPS enabled guidance system associated with a control system of
sectors of the boom is overlap elimination (i.e. the interruption of the distribution of
a crop protection product over areas already treated in a previous path, and the
interruption of the distribution over areas that do not require any treatment (edges of
the field, etc.). It must be emphasized that for operations that involve the use of
external inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc., the application of this modern
technology allows the recording of power sprayer paths and product consumption and
as a consequence, provides an economic analysis of the sprayer operation.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Technology Enhancing Farming Techniques

Technology is playing a vital role in adopting new farming methods in agriculture world. There are various obstacles in farming community to get a valuable and healthy yield.

Here we are discussing some latest technology that can be implemented to get success in farming world.

1.    Fertilizer Deep Placement Technology

This technology is used to enhance nitrogen absorption efficiency. Traditionally, rural farmers apply fertilizer to crops by spreading the seeds by hand. FDP works by using a specialized fertilizer (called 'briquette') which releases nitrogen gradually. The fertilizer is placed 7-10 centimeters below the soil, which allows less nitrogen to be lost through runoff. Different varieties of Power Sprayer can be used for farming techniques.

Agricultural Sprayer

2.     Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the latest technological inventions nowadays which have not only changed the world of farmers but also accelerated the working ability in an innovative ways. There are many examples, which are helping farmers in not only diagnosing the diseases in livestock but also in plant diseases enabling them to provide right amount of fertilizer and irrigation inputs like plant medicines. For fertilization spray tools like Battery Operated Sprayer are available in agriculture market online and offline both.

3.   Farm Management Software and Training 

No innovations are possible in isolation, ideas and suggestions off many farmers are considered and hence farm management solutions are created. There is also requirement of training of farming techniques and tools. These training's in different aspects have provided benefits in different sectors to farmers to enhance their growth and productivity along with productivity of livestock. Training session to farmers teach farmers use of agricultural sprayer, cultivation tools.
Battery Operated Sprayer

4.   High Roofed Greenhouses 

Greenhouses with roofs of 12 feet or higher, which has been shown to double farmers' yields has been created at some places. Who have access to less agricultural farm for production they can go with this way. But they have to take care of plants in green house more than other big farms. They have to regulate pests by using misting pumps and latest Agricultural Sprayer techniques. Greenhouses are a great way to increase production, although a traditional greenhouse can only grow short shrub plants

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Weed Control: Hostility to Agriculture

Weeds are intransigence to proper yield and production in herbicides. Keeping them from robbing yields can feel like a never-ending battle.

Scouting before and after herbicide application is key. “It’s important to proactively monitor all fields, starting in the fall after harvest. In the agricultural world technology and instrumentation had a vital space. To fight with weed farmers can follow some tips:

•          Control weeds when they are small.
•          Use the right nozzles and gallonage for the product.
•          Calibrate Agricultural Sprayer and nozzle spacing.
•          Keep booms at the right height
•          Be diligent with the cleanout of sprayer tank and booms.

Here in this blog, some basic description of sprayers is mentioned:

An Agricultural Sprayer is a piece of equipment that is used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on agricultural crops. The function of these Spray Pump is commonly used for projection of water, weed killers, pest maintenance materials.

Agricultural Sprayer

A Power Sprayer is fully integrated, mechanical systems, meaning they are composed of various parts and components that work together to achieve the desired effect.

There is a number of agriculture sprayer designed for spraying applications and designed to be versatile and suitable for various uses from spot applications, gardens, crops, row crops, crop trees, fruit, groves, vineyards, perimeter maintenance, weed control. Some of them are:

Battery Operated Sprayer- Battery sprayers are ideal for spraying in gardens, orchards and other plantations. The high quality and heavy density Polyethylene Tank is easy to use for operators with different types of nozzles for spraying on crops as per the requirement.

Knapsacks Power Sprayer-a spraying equipment consisting of a knapsack tank together with pressurizing device, line, & sprayer nozzle, used mostly in fire control and in spraying fungicidal or insecticides

Power Sprayer-The Sprayer is one which atomises the spray fluid (which may be a suspension, an emulsion or a solution) into a small droplets and eject it with little force for distributing it properly.

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Book Agricultural Sprayers Online from Chandak Agro

Agriculture is the backbone of India. In rural areas, spraying pesticides is done by Battery Operated Sprayer. In rural areas, (petrol/kerosene) sprayers. These require manual operation/fossil fuel for its operation. To address these issues, a novel protocol is developed viz. Solar Agro Sprayer (SAP) is an advanced product developed for rural applications which uses the solar energy as a fuel. Offered Solarized Agro Sprayer protocol is an advanced product particularly developed for rural applications which uses the energy from the solar arrays is used for spraying the pesticides. The solar photovoltaic panel traps the solar arrays and this energy is stored in the Lead Acid battery. Battery powers the DC motor coupled fan and it's used to extract the atmospheric air. Pesticide flows down due to gravitational force and a blower is attached to the DC Motor to boost the air pressure in spraying the pesticide. In nozzle both the pesticide and pressurized air mixes and pesticide is sprayed. The conventional sprayers cost ≤ 6,000, but the developed protocol cost is only ≤ 3,500. The main advantage of the developed protocol is it does not affect farmer health by any means and also it does not contribute to greenhouse gas emission. This Proposed model proves an efficient and economical way of spraying pesticides and we also found that this method is more reliable.

Agricultural Sprayer

Buy agriculture Spray Pump online India from, the most popular agriculture e commerce website in India. We provide best quality agriculture spray pump online at cheapest rates. We also provide 6 months warranty on every agriculture spray pump online India.

Spray Pump

Agriculture spray pumps are necessary for any kind of garden. It helps you to maintain gardening task easily. You can use agriculture spray pumps to control insects.

There are different kind of agriculture sprayers available today in market. Depends upon the size of your garden, you can chose from various types of Agriculture Sprayer online. There are normal hand sprayers and battery operated sprayers etc.

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Buy Car Washers Online from Chandak Agro Equipment’s

Welcome to Chandak Agro a concept developed into one of leading enterprises in India in Agricultural Sprayer machine and industry tools to organize the Car Cleaning segment to give the community a new definition of car care & bandy services which are not skillfully followed in India. Based at Delhi our offer is to spread the consciousness amongst car customers about the Clean Car Culture & Car sanitation.

Agricultural Sprayer
Agriculture Machine & Industry Tools

Cars are one of the prime belongings one can have. To ensure the well-organized movement of vehicles, Chandak Agro offer an assorted range of car washers. The products that we have on provide come with accessories such as a 1pc adjustable gun, 10M pressure hose, 2.5M inlet hose with filter, one quick connector. We have selected them after careful scrutiny of the major wants of car washer buyers. At Chandak Agro, our major anxiety is to make car washing a less time-consuming and simple affair for our clients. Therefore, we have sourced the newest range of Car Washers from well-known brands. Other products that we provide as a part of the cleaning category include electronic pressure domestic washer, Spray Pump, Power Sprayer, Battery Operated Sprayer, knapsack battery spray, Misting Pumps, Car Washers, and garden tools. We also deal in power tools, cutting & machining tools, security equipment, lightings and electrical equipment etc.
Car Washers
Domestic Washer (CA-CW2500E)

Our product price range has been skillfully developed to cater to the requirements of retailers, home-based users as well as professionals. To ensure the well maintenance of cars for years together, select from the new range offered by us.

Useful for Cleaning of

·         Car or Bike
·         Driveways, parking lot or garage floors
·         Home exteriors that are vinyl or brick
·         Front entrance stairs and walkways
·         Concrete or tile patio
·         Other outdoor maintenance cleaning activities

Domestic Washers
Domestic Washer (CV-CW2000E)

Chandak Agro is a brand which is literally going to change the way people think about car cleaning. This is a exclusive mechanized car cleaning concept where cars are getting cocker by the newest equipment’s including Domestic Washer, high pressure washer machines and extraction machines, high powered, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners and so on.

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