Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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Agriculture is the backbone of India. In rural areas, spraying pesticides is done by Battery Operated Sprayer. In rural areas, (petrol/kerosene) sprayers. These require manual operation/fossil fuel for its operation. To address these issues, a novel protocol is developed viz. Solar Agro Sprayer (SAP) is an advanced product developed for rural applications which uses the solar energy as a fuel. Offered Solarized Agro Sprayer protocol is an advanced product particularly developed for rural applications which uses the energy from the solar arrays is used for spraying the pesticides. The solar photovoltaic panel traps the solar arrays and this energy is stored in the Lead Acid battery. Battery powers the DC motor coupled fan and it's used to extract the atmospheric air. Pesticide flows down due to gravitational force and a blower is attached to the DC Motor to boost the air pressure in spraying the pesticide. In nozzle both the pesticide and pressurized air mixes and pesticide is sprayed. The conventional sprayers cost ≤ 6,000, but the developed protocol cost is only ≤ 3,500. The main advantage of the developed protocol is it does not affect farmer health by any means and also it does not contribute to greenhouse gas emission. This Proposed model proves an efficient and economical way of spraying pesticides and we also found that this method is more reliable.

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Agriculture spray pumps are necessary for any kind of garden. It helps you to maintain gardening task easily. You can use agriculture spray pumps to control insects.

There are different kind of agriculture sprayers available today in market. Depends upon the size of your garden, you can chose from various types of Agriculture Sprayer online. There are normal hand sprayers and battery operated sprayers etc.

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