Monday, October 14, 2019

Fungicide application with best agricultural sprayer

Pest controlling is a major concern in agriculture field from several years. Many Agriculture related products companies discover and launch new pesticide and technology to control these. A farmer needs to get updated with new things and methods to grow faster.  Intensive agricultural practices require effective pest control management with maintaining the produce quality that is essential for better yield. Agriculture science is experimenting new ways for mini missing crop and soil damage and increasing yield.
Time matters in fungicide application in crops or garden. Diseases develop and spread very fast, so you must have deep knowledge about disease symptoms and effect of it. You must consider the growth stages and susceptibility of crop as missed fungicide spray can affect the yield badly. Your power sprayer must be compatible with its nozzles, calibration and height. You should take appropriate suggestions from agronomist to whether to spray and where to not.

Second factor is volume of water spray, more water is needed for fungicide removal than herbicides. Getting coverage on leaf areas deeper into the canopy requires more water. Study reveals that use of best spray pump with increasing water volume had a greater effect on fungicide performance than changes in droplet size or spray pressure. Contact for best quality of agricultural sprayers.
Canopy penetration sometimes goes best with slower travel speed of nozzle fungicide spraying. Boom height and spray quality are both important for single angled sprays or double nozzles. The angle of spray leaving the nozzle gets influenced by air resistance and gravity force. If the boom is too high, the initial forward angle will be lost and the spray droplets will actually deposit with gravity and wind.  But if the spray is a bit coarser and the boom is low enough, the angle of attack make different effect on spray deposition.
There are some important rules for fungicide application:
·         Give enough time after application of fungicides, so try to apply it before rain as they get dried on effected part and can work better.
·         Fungicides should be alternated for better effect because repeated use of same fungicide make fungi to mutate into the form of resistant.

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