Thursday, May 28, 2020

Brush cutter: From Right selection to maintenance

Whether you are a house gardener or a professional who loves gardening and landscaping, getting the right tools for your needs is quite challenging. Brush cutters are perfect tools for lawn cutting and trimming of shrubs and weeds. These are widely used for trimming dense bushes grown in vegetable farm section. In technology oriented world buyer have many options available to them from store to online shopping where they can purchase and exchange back the agricultural tools if there is some issue with compatibility. In this blog we had tried to discuss some tips about how to get the right brush cutter for your agricultural needs.
To start with Brush cutters come in three variants:
1)      Handheld Brush Cutter- More powerful engine than string cutter and used for thick grass, weeds, dense bushes.
2)      Walk-behind Brush Cutter- These cutters are perfect for areas of overgrown vegetation. It can be helpful for trimming and cutting in area that requires less maintenance.

3)      Tow-behind brush Cutter- Used in big field of cultivation and can be used with attaching to garden tractor. Used for cutting thicker bushes and weeds.
Main accessory of brush cutter is brush cutting blades which come in different variety as per requirement and capacity.
·                     Brush cutter with 8 or lesser blades- used for small grass patches or weeds
·                     Brush cutter with 9-40  teeth or blades- Used for thick weeds and shrubs
·                     Brush Cutter with more than 40 teeth- Used for small trees and saplings
·                     Brush cutter with knives or tri blades- used for dense shrubs and reeds

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Maintenance of Brush cutter

Proper maintenance at right time interval and process is essential for maintaining any equipment. Some specific tips for maintenance are:
v  Use the right fuel for your cutter
v  Check the mowing head and line feed. Don’t use damaged parts or blades of cutter.
v  Clean your brush Cutter regularly. It should be properly mounted to the deflector.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Lengthen the life of Agricultural Sprayer by proper maintenance

Agriculture is backbone of our country and it is somehow dependent on equipments used in modern farming. Power Sprayers also contribute a major role in this field. So in this blog we had tried to write about some maintenance tips for long life of agricultural sprayers.
It’s an old saying, keep your tools like a child means with more care and pamper, they will yield better. Here is basic guide for maintaining sprayer before and after use. It is important to check them daily, monthly and periodically.

Inspection Before initial Use:
·         Check hoses, connections and fittings
·         Check filters with unscrewing parts
·         Check any leakage or damage inside the tank
·         If you are using battery operated sprayer check the adaptability.

Daily Inspection of Sprayer Pump:
After and before of your sprayer use, it is required to inspect to avoid unnecessary breakdown. Before the use check hose & fittings, clean filters. After the use Clean inside of the tank, flush out all the waste with clean water.

Monthly maintenance
Monthly inspection is neseccary as every part is not used at daily basis or some parts are required on long interval. In this case oiling and maintaining them is more required.
Check Filters:
After a month of spraying, you may have to change or thoroughly clean the filters on your sprayer. This can be done by removing them and spraying them with a pressure washer.
Nozzle testing:
Replace the nozzles if they are corroded or non-performing. Best way to check nozzles is its pressure capacity of spraying liquid.

Season wise maintenance
Getting your sprayer ready for winter will eliminate damage when you use it the following spring. Making sure your sprayer is ready to go the next spraying season will save you a lot of time. Preparing your sprayer for winter season can be completed in 4 simple steps:
  1. Drain the power sprayer
  2. Blow out the plumbing lines
  3. Flush with anti-freeze
  4. Store/keep the sprayer correctly

Preparing your sprayer for spring season can be completed in 6 simple steps:
  1. Visual inspection
  2. Clean the tank
  3. Check engine and pump
  4. Clean nozzles
  5. Run water through sprayer
  6. Test sprayer
This blog can be very helpful to maintain and upgrade your sprayer’s performance and life. We at Chandak Agro Equipments offer nice deals in equipments and try to suggest our customers with good tips to prevent them for unnecessary expenses. We are trusted dealer in segment of Agricultural sprayers, car washers and brush cutters.